Cooling Station
Cooling Station

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Vendor: Chillspot


Just like their owners, pets need protection from the hazardous effects of heat, and let’s face it, a fur coat and a 90+ degree day is not a good combination. Exposure to the elements potentially leads to heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Intended to replicate your pet’s natural draw to a cool tile floor, the chillspot cooling station takes the temporary comfort a cool tile floor provides and amplifies it to 8+ hours of cooling relief. Chillspot is effective for over eight hours in hot ambient temperatures and requires no water or electricity. Simply freeze the chillpod overnight, insert the chillpod into the aluminum chill tile and place the chill tile into the insulated base. Your pet will enjoy hours of cooling comfort indoors and outdoors. Fits inside of most large dog crates. Pets will enjoy hours of cooling comfort indoors and outdoors. Easy to Use! Simply freeze chillpod overnight and insert into the cooling station. Durable High Density Polyethylene base and a high strength Aluminum tile.

  • Provides 8+ hours of cooling relief
  • Includes one Chillpod with patented freezer gel
  • Durable, Non-slip Chill Tile
  • Non-Slip Rubber Feet provide a non-slip, non-marking stable footing on all surfaces
  • Insulated base to stay cold longer in hot ambient temps