What Are BreezeGuard® Screens?

BreezeGuard® screens are custom-made flat, black-powdered-coated, welded steel screens with 1/2" openings that quickly and easily fit into the windows of your vehicle. BreezeGuard® screens are inserted into a window from the inside of your vehicle so that you can still roll the windows up or down. This allows you to leave your windows open to create a cross breeze in your vehicle without your dog being able to escape and prevents strangers from petting your dog while in your vehicle.

BreezeGuard® screens are sold in sets of (2) two screens for either the front or back door windows of your vehicle. To see how the BreezeGuard® screens are placed in your windows, please watch the installation video.

Price: $289.00

Includes $30 flat rate shipping anywhere in USA.

The screens are custom made for your vehicle:
  • Customized for your vehicle
  • Made from tough materials to last
  • Hand-fabricated in the USA
  • Windows can still be rolled up and down
  • Sold in sets of (2) two for the price shown

Caution: Whatever method of air ventilation or sunlight protection is used for pets when they are in a parked vehicle, there is no substitute for checking your dog on a regular basis - even when the vehicle is in a shaded area. Pet owners are responsible for knowing the environment and the weather conditions. Do not leave pets unattended in a parked vehicle in direct sunlight even with the vehicle windows open. When using the BreezeGuard® screens in a moving vehicle, we recommend that all pets are secured in crates or car harnesses for their safety and yours.

Installation Guide and FAQ

Are BreezeGuard® Screens Safe?

BreezeGuard® screens are similar to your home front door . . . If someone really wants to get in, they will achieve their goal. The best we can do is throw obstacles in their way. It would be far quicker for someone to break the glass and do what they intend to do, than to succeed in dismantling the BreezeGuards. It is recommended that people who leave dogs in a vehicle should park the vehicle close to the doors of a public venue or where there is a lot of foot traffic.

BreezeGuard® screens were never meant to be a security device. The BreezeGuard® designers targeted four specific issues:
  • keeping the car cool for your dog (within a few degrees of the outside temperature)
  • keeping the dog in the car
  • preventing strangers from petting your dog
  • not altering the resale value of the vehicle

BreezeGuard® has 2,000+ happy customers, selling this product since 2009 worldwide (United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom and Australia).


How Much Do BreezeGuards Cost?

BreezeGuards® are sold in sets of two for ample cross breeze, for either the front or back windows at $259 per pair plus shipping. Submit a form on our Order page with your vehicle information and make your payment. Your screens will ship within 3 weeks or less. When you receive the box, read the enclosed installation instructions and install the screens. That’s it!


Will BreezeGuards Work in Every Car?

BreezeGuard® will work in most vehicles. We need to utilize the frame at the top of the window glass for the Velcro® straps. How do you know if BreezeGuard® will work in your particular vehicle: Open the vehicle door and roll down the glass window. If your vehicle has doors with no window frame for the glass, then your vehicle cannot use BreezeGuard® screens.


How Long Will my Order Take?

Your screens will ship within 3 weeks or less. When you receive the box, read the enclosed installation instructions and install the screens. That’s it!


I Have Two Dogs. Will BreezeGuards Work for Me

Yes, they will absolutely work for you. BreezeGuards are made from raw steel mesh that has been powder coated.


Are BreezeGuards Waterproof?

BreezeGuards are not 100% waterproof. They may leak after a period of time depending on a number of factors. The straps are made of Velcro® and even though the Velcro® is industrial strength, it is still fabric that can become saturated, depending on how long it has been raining and whether it is a light sprinkle or a gully washer. Another factor is a combination of the make and age of the vehicle and how tight the customer makes the straps. If the straps are too tight, the seals or gaskets can be compromised. Each vehicle is different as is the elasticity of the gaskets and seals.

But the good news is that BreezeGuard® is designed to be an easy install and an easy removal. Read the enclosed installation instructions and it only takes a few minutes to install them and even less to take them out. BreezeGuards are very sturdy. Because they are made of powder coated steel and are relatively flat, storing them in your vehicle is easy.


For additional information, please watch installation video.