Pets Are Lucky

Pets Are Lucky / Haute Dauge is owned by a team of lifetime dog owners living in the canine-friendly city of Boise, Idaho. The beginnings of this business started in 2002 as a mobile dog show store, travelling to 40 plus dog shows per year, selling a wide variety of show tack/gear, supplies, and treats. The founders have over 75 combined years of experience with dogs in various backgrounds: show dogs, obedience, rally, agility, working dogs, and service assistance dogs.

Another part of our dog family is very involved in animal welfare and rescue, bringing attention to appreciating the human-animal relationship. We enjoy volunteering at our local shelters walking resident dogs, doing tassel play with cats, showing off adoptable pets at mobile adoption events, assisting with specialized dog training programs, and prepping surgery tools for the shelter clinic. Our Google Calendar is full of fundraising events for animal welfare: 5k dog walks, dog pool parties, silent auctions, bath bonanzas, and Hair Balls.

Our animal family has rewarded us with so much happiness and endearing love, inspiring us to provide a service that is about understanding your pets, how you feel about them in your life, and what you want for them. Thank you very much for being our customer.

Why Shop At Pets Are Lucky?


We ship favorite pet food, supplies, and toys all over the USA. We have a range of shipping options to choose from ranging from Express to Overland shipping to suit the needs and budgets of all our discerning customers.


At Pets Are Lucky we appreciate your pets, too! Being PetParents ourselves, we will give you the best advice we possibly can to help you be the PetParent you want to be.


We sell all the products that we would buy as PetParents. Offering a huge variety and range of products, our store can help you find what works best for your pet.